10 Tips to Help You Keep a Positive Mindset

Positive Mindset

Does this sound like you?  “I’d like to be more positive, but that’s not really my personality.”  “I wish I could stay positive like my friend does.”  “I’ve tried to be positive, but it isn’t long before something gets me down.” We’ve all been there; trying to stay positive often feels like a losing battle. […]

Preventing Your Anxiety From Building Up

Panic attacks can be overwhelming with intense surges of panic, anxiety, or fear. Many people with panic attacks have reported emotional and physical symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, sweating extensively, trembling, and many more.  Some people also experience chest pains and feelings of disconnection from themselves during an attack, making them think they’re having a […]

How to Stop Being Tired: Tips, Supplements, and More

Why do I want to sleep all the time? Why am I so tired? If this is familiar to you, you are not alone. As few as one in seven Americans report waking up fresh and ready to face the day each morning, meaning there are a lot of sleepy people out there right now. […]

Does Kratom Show Up on a Drug Test?

Thinking of trying kratom, but wonder does kratom show up in drug tests? It is actually a somewhat tricky question. There isn’t a single answer.  In some cases, no, and in some cases, yes. To really understand the intricacies, let’s look at some facts about kratom before discussing drug tests. Is Kratom a Kind of […]

Benefits of Kratom You May Not Be Aware Of

The Benefits of Kratom

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a traditional herb that has been used in Asia for centuries as an alternative to conventional medicine. Kratom roots and leaves contain potent compounds, such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, that interact with our system to deliver a number of benefits. From pain management to stress, different strains of kratom […]

Your Guide to the Proper Kratom Dose

Proper Kratom Dose

There are many benefits to taking kratom. It can help you relax and destress, provide an energy boost, and may support improved cognitive function. Taking kratom may help you feel an overall sense of balance and well-being; however, the effects will depend on how much kratom you take.  While there’s no “one-dose-fits-all” when it comes […]

Understanding How Long Kratom Lasts

Understanding How Long Kratom Lasts

How long does kratom stay in your system? There’s no definitive way to determine how long the effects of kratom last, or how long kratom can be detected in your body. The duration can vary dramatically, depending on how much you take, and a variety of other factors. 

What Are the Different Kratom Strains?

What Are the Different Kratom Strains

From relaxation to an extra boost in the morning, kratom offers a variety of benefits. Depending on your goals, the strain of kratom you should take varies. Kratom strains are typically divided into three colors – red, green, and white – reflective of the color on the stem and the leaf’s vein. Each color has […]

How to Take Kratom the Right Way

How to Take Kratom the Right Way

People have been experiencing the benefits of kratom and its medicinal properties for hundreds of years. It improves overall wellbeing in a variety of ways, from combating fatigue to reducing stress and anxiety. Users have found that it can alleviate pain, minimize depression, and in small doses, can be energizing.  

Tips on How to Make Kratom Tea

Tips on How to Make Kratom Tea

Kratom is used primarily to help you relax and destress. The compounds found in kratom also interact with your body to improve your focus and brain function, and many kratom users find that they feel an overall sense of balance and well-being. Kratom can also be a stimulant in low doses, offering the alertness of […]