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Organa Kratom: Explaining our strain categories

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Our staff at Organa Kratom does our best to make buying kratom online the easiest process it can be. With so many different varieties of kratom, our brand strives to take the uncertainty out of purchasing powered Kratom online. With our customer’s best interest in mind, our team has divided all of our kratom strains into three categories: Energy, Balance, and Unwind.

Energy Strains

The strains in the Energy Strains category may help support energy levels, focus levels, and support an active lifestyle. These powdered kratom strains help support users who aren’t looking to mellow-out or take a day off. Some of our users report taking energy strains such as pure white vein kratom strains instead of waiting in the hectic coffee line in the morning.

Balance Strains

The strains in the Balance Strains category may help support a balance between the Energy and Unwind strains and may help promote a feeling of well-being. Our customers report that these strains help them feel level-headed as well as relaxed, but not to the point of the heavy feeling strains like the ones in our Unwind category.

Unwind Strains

Our third and final category of kratom strains. The strains in the Unwind Strains category may help support restfulness and relaxation helping you to unwind. Try these if you are looking to unwind from a long day at the office, or if you are just trying to take a load off in general.

Not sure of which category your Kratom usage falls into? As of recently, Organa Kratom has begun to offer three-strain sample packs. Take advantage of our sample pack where you can pick any 3 kratom strains, receiving 10g samples of each, and make for a great way to find your favorite strain!

Additionally, we know customers may feel overwhelmed when they buy kratom online. If you have any questions, our staff is always eager to answer any concerns you may have and allow you to feel at ease. Feel free to contact us and an experienced representative will be in touch as soon as possible. For other kratom legality inquiries, please visit

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