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The Status of Kratom Legality

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Kratom legality is a hot ticket item in our current legislation. Most people know that kratom powder is obtained from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree which grows in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Kratom is famous for its extraordinary effects, as it enhances your mood and helps to get rid of pain, anxiety and various other ailments.

Expert users of kratom powder have claimed that this natural herb has changed their life completely and wonder where they’d have been without it. Unfortunately, while some find kratom beneficial, there are also some who oppose this natural leaf. Those against kratom say that it is a product of attention due to some of the adverse effects on the human brain. Because of this, it has not been allowed to be researched comprehensively. As of today, the FDA (Food And Drug Administration) has not approved it for medicinal use, although it may be used as a dietary supplement.

Kratom powder has been utilized in Asia for hundreds of years as a treatment for many diseases without any government approval. The only deaths associated with kratom have been with users who have other drugs in their system as well, such as heroin, other opiates, cocaine, etc. There has been no evidence of a death caused solely by kratom and kratom alone.

Why Are Authorities Against Kratom Becoming Legal?

As of today, the biggest problem with kratom legality is the shortage of proof towards its positive effects and whether it does more harm than good in the long term.

Kratom is NOT an opioid. It does, however, enhance your overall mood, including experiencing a euphoric feeling which can be seen at higher dosages. Kratom is actively promoted and sold to people who are highly addicted to opiates and suffering from drug abuse. In most cases, kratom can help to reduce the adverse effects of withdrawal symptoms and help the individual to get clean and sober.

Regrettably, the authorities have viewed kratom in the past with a jaded eye. Due to the “bad” stigma associated with kratom, there has been no way for the leaf to receive government funding to allow for any proper conventional studies or research in which is genuinely deserves.

Legal Status of Kratom in the U.S.

The majority of the therapeutic effects of kratom are gathered from patient experiences. The clinical research on kratom is nearly non-existent and what is accessible has just been available since 2012. We need to continue to do research on Kratom for its medicinal use, as there are a number of people who swear by this magic plant. People who have been on prescribed medication for years have been able to wean themselves off of their medication and transition to a natural remedy which in turn, costs them less and is healthier in the long run.  

The bottom line is that kratom IS 100% federally legal by the government aside from those states or counties/cities listed below which have chosen to ban kratom for the time being.  Some of the states are in the process of taking actions by the authorities to regulate it or continually ban it. The following states kratom legality according to are listed as follows.

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • District of Colombia
  • San Diego (CA)
  • Sarasota (FL)
  • Alton (IL)
  • Jerseyville (IL)
  • Indiana
  • Denver (CO)
  • Union County (MS)
  • Columbus (MS)
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Rhode Island

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