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Understanding Kratom strains: White Vein Kratom

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Understanding Kratom strains: White Vein Kratom

With over 20 various strains of 100% kratom powder in our inventory at Organa Kratom, it can be a task to find your favorite. The effects of kratom are co-dependent on the vein color which runs throughout the leaves. We had our staff break down each of these vein colors to provide insight to our customers.

Understanding White Vein Kratom

Known throughout the kratom industry as one of the more stimulating and relaxing strains white vein Kratom is a huge hit. Landing firmly in our Energy strains category, white vein Kratom gives a stimulating effect on the user. Our customers often report that they are able to minimize their coffee intake to take advantage of the properties of white vein Kratom strains. Our customers take white vein strains to help with concentration, and energy levels throughout a long day.

If you are someone who experiences frequent exhaustion, or even gloomy periods, this particular strain of Kratom may be worth a try. However, our staff advises to not take white vein too late in the day as it has a similar effect to many over the counter stimulants. As a pro-tip, our staff enjoys mixing white vein and red vein strains. This gives the dosage a nice balance when impacting the user’s energy levels.

Organa’s top White Vein pick:

Thai White Kratom:
This powdered Kratom strain is a clear pick me up! Skip that hectic coffee line, and choose something raw, natural, and organically grown. This strain gives the user a natural boost. If you are interested in trying a white vein kratom strain look no further than powdered White Thai.

For pricing on White Thai, or all other strains available click HERE.

With over 20 strains available on our website alone our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. All of our best kratom products are subject to lab testing prior to being made available online. You can learn more about our procedure HERE. Visit the American Kratom Association for everything else Kratom!

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