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Understanding Kratom strains: Red Vein Kratom

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Understanding Kratom strains: Red Vein Kratom

With over 20 various strains of 100% kratom powder in our inventory at Organa Kratom, it can be a task to find your favorite. The effects of kratom are co-dependent on the vein color which runs throughout the leaf of the kratom tree. We had our staff break down each of these vein colors to provide insight to our customers.

Understanding Red Vein Kratom

One of the best sellers throughout the kratom industry, red vein kratom is largely popular in the kratom community. We usually recommend a red vein kratom to first-time users because of the natural calming effects this strain provides. Some of the effects reported from red vein kratom are listed below:

Improved Sociability
Stress Management
Improved Mood
Better Sleep

Often referred to as a nighttime strain, red vein can always be supplemented as a day time tea. Users who struggle with stress management during the day can take solace in this particular strain.

Organa’s top Red Vein pick:

Our staff meticulously combs through our inventory before offering recommendations. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Kratom usage or purchasing Kratom online.

Red Bali:
Known widely in the kratom community as the most relaxing strain. Grown in the Bali Province in Indonesia, this particular strain can be relied on for delivering consistent results. Users often report that Red Bali’s effects typically last a shorter amount of time than other strains. Effects have been known to produce stress-relieving restorative feelings.

For pricing on Red Bali, or all other strains available click HERE.

With over 20 strains available on our website alone our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. All of our kratom products are subject to lab testing prior to being made available online. You can learn more about our procedure HERE.

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