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What to Know About Gold Kratom

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering whether the gold kratom strain is right for you. The short answer is that this is a versatile strain with plenty of benefits. But not all gold kratom is created equal!

That’s why it’s important to understand just what gold kratom refers to. 

So, before we launch into the straight facts, let’s take a step back and look at some different varieties of kratom, gold or not. 

What Are Kratom Veins, Strains, and Varieties?

What Are Kratom Veins, Strains, and Varieties?

Kratom strains, veins, and varieties are terms used interchangeably. But if you want to get specific, one way of thinking about it is:

  • Veins refer to the kratom plant leaves, but there’s a bit of dispute from there. Some say it refers to the leaf veins themselves. Others state that it’s based on the processing method, which results in different colored powders once ground down.
  • Either way, there are only a few main kratom veins — red, green, and white.
  • Red vein kratom is a calmer, more soothing type, while white is the most stimulating and uplifting. Green falls somewhere in the middle, with milder, balanced effects. 

Here at Organa, for classification purposes, we call our gold kratom a vein. This separates it from our different strain categories, which are organized by desired results and not kratom type.

  • You can combine or alter the three veins to get new strains like kratom gold (which we’ll dive into shortly) or our own chocolate Bentuangie, a strain processed with fermentation instead of the usual drying.
  • Different varieties of kratom are grown in various parts of Southeast Asia (or the varieties come from a simulated environment where those growing conditions have been reproduced). 
  • So, just what is Bali kratom? It’s simply a variety from Bali, Indonesia! Gold Bali kratom is a gold strain from Indonesian varieties, while our gold Maeng Da is an extra potent Thai variety.
  • Aside from the point of origin, certain varieties may have different physical properties and/or special alkaloid properties.

So What Is Gold Kratom?

Gold kratom, as we mentioned, is a very versatile strain. One part of that is because there’s no standard preparation method, so you can find different types of gold to suit your needs.

You might find red vein gold kratom prepared through a special drying process to alter its chemical makeup (alkaloid concentration, specifically). 

  • This could result in gold kratom effects that are highly sedating with lots of pain relief. 
  • Since many red vein kratoms are a Bali variety, these will be Balinese gold.

In many other cases, gold kratom is a combination blend. 

  • It might contain crushed or powdered red vein, white vein, or green vein in varying quantities. 
  • Depending on that balance, your Bali gold kratom (or whatever variety it is) can be used to stimulate or sedate, with strong or mild effects. 

And as a blend, it will always be more well-rounded than a single-kratom strain. As we noted before, Organa Kratom’s gold strain isn’t a Bali gold but rather a strong Thai variety, with effects between white vein and green vein.

It’s more energizing and mood-boosting than green alone, with better pain relief than a pure white vein might offer.

Is Gold Kratom Right for Me?

  • Gold kratom can make a good general-purpose kratom.
  • Depending on the strain, it can be used in the morning or afternoon (with predominantly white or green blends) or at night (like gold Bali from red vein).
  • Gold kratom is an excellent choice, however, where developing tolerance is a concern. Kratom tolerance can arise in anyone, but especially if you take kratom regularly or at higher doses for sedative, pain-relieving purposes.

The problem is that as your body builds a tolerance, you need higher and higher doses to achieve the same results. But if you’re already at a high dose, there’s not much room to move up from there!

  • A better alternative is to use different strains to prevent tolerance in the first place. This will work for any kratom user. 
  • Since each strain promotes at least slightly different effects, your body shouldn’t process each as the same thing. 
  • So, it’s important to shop your choices and try a range of different kratom. Gold kratom is even better than your regular red, green, and white vein due to its blended status.

How Do You Take Gold Kratom?

Gold kratom functions the same as any other strain: it’s more of a stimulant at lower doses and more sedating at higher doses. 

Once again, the type of gold strain you’re considering will influence how energizing or relaxing it is and the strength of those effects. Red-based gold strains will always be more relaxing and calming than white- or green-based ones, for example.

  • As with any kratom, you want to start slow, with the lowest effective dose. 
  • You will likely need to step up as you go, but it’s also good to bring your dose back down if you find the effects too strong at any point. 
  • It takes some experimentation to find the strains and dose that best meet your needs.

We offer our gold Maeng Da in both capsule and loose powder form, along with all of our other strains. Capsules are easy to take but less precise. Loose powder gives you total control over your doses, although it isn’t the most pleasant method of consumption.

One common way of getting the powder down is to toss it back and quickly wash it down. You can also mix it into a drink like a cup of coffee to start your day with a bright mood, laser focus, and less stress.


Now you’re practically an expert on gold kratom. It isn’t an exact science, but with the proper background, you should be able to evaluate any gold strain you come across. Simply remember to check for the vein and variety and understand that kratom’s specific strength and effects.And when you’re buying kratom that’s specially blended or processed, be sure to purchase from a safe, reputable brand like Organa Kratom.

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