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How to Stop Being Tired: Tips, Supplements, and More

Why do I want to sleep all the time? Why am I so tired? If this is familiar to you, you are not alone. As few as one in seven Americans report waking up fresh and ready to face the day each morning, meaning there are a lot of sleepy people out there right now.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to fight fatigue and get back to feeling awake and alert. Here are 10 ways to stop feeling tired and get your days back under control.

How to Feel Less Tired: Exercise

Active Lifestyle Reduce Fatigue

Having an active lifestyle may reduce feelings of fatigue and help you sleep better. This can range from in-chair exercises to yoga to running or even full-on strength training. Work to your ability and get an exercise buddy or partner to help keep you motivated. Aim for some activity every day, even if it’s only 10 or 15 minutes.

How to Not be Tired: Sleep

Getting Enough Sleep

If every day you end up thinking, “All I want to do is sleep!” then, could it simply be that you’re not getting enough sleep?

Top tips for a good night’s sleep include:

  • Try and go to bed around the same time each night.
  • Avoid “blue light” like cell phones and TV just before bed.
  • Make sure your bedroom is a sleep-friendly environment: not noisy or too bright.
  • Don’t eat right before sleep.
  • Try mindfulness techniques to help let go of intrusive thoughts.

How to be Less Tired: Diet

Eat a Balanced Diet

You get out what you put in, and when it comes to your body, that means plenty of awesome, nutritious food. Try to eat a balanced diet focused on fresh vegetables and fruits, with plenty of whole grains and fiber to help with digestion.

How to Stop Being Tired: Caffeine

Fight Fatigue with Caffeine

When it comes to learning how to fight fatigue, caffeine is a double-edged sword. While a hot cup of joe might be just the thing to perk you up first thing in the morning, later on, you can have a caffeine “crash” (or withdrawal), which makes you feel even more tired. Too much caffeine can also lead to jitteriness and even high blood pressure. Caffeine may even have a negative effect on your body clock, impacting your sleep cycles.

Try reducing the amount of coffee you drink in a day. Swap one or two cups out for a non-caffeinated beverage and see if you notice a difference.

Why Do I Feel Tired: Dehydration

Dehydration Can Lead to Fatigue

Drinking something other than coffee can have the added benefit of making you more hydrated, which can also boost your energy levels. The occurrence of dehydration can lead to fatigue and drowsiness and is very common during busy days when you forget to stop and top off your H2O levels.

Keep a reusable bottle of water in hand and take regular sips throughout the day. If you struggle to remember, set the alarm on your device to remind yourself every hour.

How to Feel More Awake: Stress

Issues That Are Stressing You

Stress is physically tiring thanks to the high levels of cortisol floating around your system. Stress also stops you from getting to sleep and reduces the quality of your sleep.

Address issues that are stressing you out and ask for help with resolving them. Seek medical help if stress becomes an ongoing issue. Find ways to relax regularly, so you’re not on the go 24/7.

Fight Feeling Sleepy: Alcohol

Alcohol Make You Feel Tired

A relaxing drink after work might seem like the perfect idea, but it can actually make you feel so much more tired the next day. You may be thinking that you always fall asleep quickly after a couple of drinks. Well, you’re not wrong. But that sleep is of a much poorer quality and can lead to dehydration and feeling ill the next day.

Tired All the Time: Illness

Illness Make You Feel Tired

If you eat well, sleep well, drink plenty of water, and are otherwise unbothered by stress, there could be an underlying medical condition for which you need to seek help. If tiredness continues or worsens even after making lifestyle changes to combat it, speak to a doctor for some peace of mind.

Be Less Tired: Allergy Checks

Allergies Can Lead to Fatigue

Dealing with allergies and sensitivities can lead to fatigue. Not only is sneezing and coughing physically stressful and tiring on the body but the chemicals your body produces to fight the allergens actually cause drowsiness. On top of this, many antihistamine medications can also make you feel sleepy, although there are many non-drowsy alternatives available. If you suffer from seasonal or perennial allergies, talk to a doctor about non-drowsy medication or other ways to fight the problem, such as environmental changes. Different bedding can make a difference for some people, for example.

How to Get Energy Fast: Supplements for More Energy

One key way to combat fatigue is with intelligently crafted supplements designed to naturally boost your body’s energy levels. Kratom is a unique member of the Rubiaceae family, which increases energy at low doses while encouraging relaxation at higher doses.

Organa Kratom comes in kratom powder or kratom capsules, meaning users can take it however they like, and there is a range of strains for versatile application. Feeling calmer leads to better sleep, and for those times when fatigue is causing problems, a kratom energy boost might be just the thing to get you through.


Feeling tired all the time can be due to stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, or a number of other lifestyle factors. Small changes to your daily routine can help, as can supplements to help boost your body’s energy levels.

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